Revolution Creates Revolution - App Development

Revolution Creates Revolution - App Development
Revolution Creates Revolution - App Development
It has not been long that India saw a series of transition. The list shall be quite exhaustive if we ponder upon each of them. The most trending and noteworthy change we saw in the last one decade was the penetration of App Development.

The story isn’t too old. It was back in 2008 that the revolutionary concept of apps came up. An idea that took birth some couple of years back, has made and marred the fate of many businesses. The noteworthy point is not this how much it created and destroyed. It is about the dramatic change it brought to the domestic and global economy.

The technological breakthrough had given birth to multiple business opportunities. There has been an exhaustive study to answer the question who created whom? The scenario is like the chicken and the egg. Who came first the chicken or the egg? The smartphones and Android or ios Apps have a similar relationship. To build on this link is quite debatable and controversial.

Many big shot giants became bankrupt and insolvent as they failed to foresee the potentials the app market holds for the future. Many businesses were created as we have a common saying that every creator has followers. The smartphone industry thrived on it. A huge job market was created for the android app development.

People who could not manage to get a decent job after forayed into this domain. This, in turn, gave many tech training companies to make business and create jobs. Then came the ios. Today one of the most valued jobs is that of an ios developer as being one is not a piece of cake.

I came across an interview of one of the WBJEE Board member. He said that while he interviewed candidates he learnt that most of the applicants are willing to do their as they want to build themselves in the domain of App Development and Testing.

Well, the point that strikes my head is that it has been almost ten years and yet the app market is so thriving. So I started asking this question how and why so? When introspected on a deeper note, I got my answer. Probably you too can relate.

Now, where do you go to buy movie tickets? Do you really use cash or net banking these days as much as your payment or wallet apps? Do you really go to the net anymore to read the news or update your current affairs? How do we socialise? When thought for a moment the answer is rhetorical and common. Apps are the base today that technology has gifted us.

Do you know what is more noteworthy than this? It goes back to the saying Revolution creates Revolution. With the advent of technology and apps backed by the make in India initiatives, the Edutech start-ups are giving new meaning to education and technology.

Many Edutech companies are providing training and real-time K12 and K10 learning solutions through their apps.  Whatever you want to know there is a dedicated app which has the answer to your questions. Suppose you want to know the top btech colleges in Bhopal.

So there are multiple apps available on play store and ios that can get you complete details on the exam, courses, syllabus, eligibility, affiliations, fees, placements, etc. The above is valid for any exam and any college in any part of the globe.

So a revolutionary idea can have a prolonged positive implication and may even lead to another revolution. Apps were created to sell smartphones or smartphones were created to popularise Apps, today apps have given scope to many techies and non-techies to take their business to the next level.

You buy it or not, apps have become an indispensable part of our life. With the rigorous technological interventions, it will continue to be the same in the long run may be tweaked in a new avatar.